What to expect

Job interview questions can vary greatly, and the interviewers asking the questions can have a manner that ranges from distant and diligent to more relaxed and casual. Here are some sample interview questions and answers that could help you know what to expect.

Behavioural questions
How well do you work in a team or do you work best as an individual?

Situational questions/Communication questions
How would you handle a certain situation and what is your conflict resolution situation?

Strengths/Areas of Improvement questions –
What are your qualifications? Why are you suitable for the role?

Background questions
Where are you located? Personal Goals/Business Plan? Why do you want the role? Where you see yourself in the next 2-5 years (relay why this role is what you need to reach your goals).


Be Prepared

  • Research the company
  • Understand the exact role you are applying/interviewing for
  • Have your clothes and shoes ready the night before
  • Allow yourself 20min breathing space so you are early to the interview
  • Practise interviewing with a friend/colleague
  • Have a copy of your CV to be safe

During the interview

It takes 20 seconds for someone to make their mind up about you so make those first impressions count.

90% of our communication is by body so make it count! Sit up straight, maintain eye contact, make sure you involve yourself in the discussions. Chit chat at the start (to break the ice).

They may offer you a drink or food accept this, if food do not eat until end of the interview. (Make sure if not offered you ask for a water as your throat can get dry due to nerves. And most importantly stay relaxed.

What you ask the client

You need ask questions at the end of the interview

Examples include:

  • How did this position become available?
  • What type of training does your company provide?
  • What are the company plans for the future?
  • When can I expect to hear from you?
  • What skills and attributes do successful people at your company usually have?
  • Why did you choose to work for this company/what made you open your own business?

End of Interview

Shake the interviewers hand, smile and be confident when you exit the building say good bye to the receptionist.

Smile and again thank them for their time and keep eye contact.